Iowa Department of Public Safety Division of Criminal Investigation



Helpful Links

NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) Alcohol Alert

Alcohol Facts from the CDC

Alcohol Assessment Test from

Commissioner's Approval of Breath Screening Devices (PBTs) – March 2019

Approved Evidential Breath Testing Instruments in the State of Iowa

Operating the DataMaster DMT - 2009 manual

Operating the DataMaster DMT - 2016 manual

Commissioner's Approval of the DataMaster DMT Version 2.0 Manual

The DataMaster DMT Operational Checklist

Initial Certification of the DataMaster DMT

Recertification of the DataMaster DMT

Commissioner's approval of the DataMaster DMT Operating manual and Breath Testing Protocols

DOT/DPS letter regarding TraCS/DataMaster DMT training

DataMaster Instrument Locations

Commissioner's Approval of Ignition Interlock Devices


International Association of Chemical Testing

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