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The Division of Criminal Investigation website allows access to the three most requested reports in the field of Breath Alcohol Testing. These include; the DataMaster Certification Report, the DataMaster Maintenance Record, and the DataMaster Testing data that was used to determine if the instrument was working properly. This section allows the user to view and print these documents.

The Maintenance Record is an ongoing report, as entries are made, this report will continue to update. This record indicates testing and certification, software updates, firmware changes and repairs that are made to the instrument.

The Certification Report is the document that historically was mailed to the county attorney when an instrument was certified by the DCI. The DCI will no longer be mailing these reports to the county attorney, they can be printed directly from this website.

The DataMaster DMT testing data is the data that was collected by the DCI when the instrument was tested. These can include; accuracy and precision measurements, interference testing, RFI testing, diagnostic results and breath tests. This data is frequently requested by defense attorneys in discovery requests. In most cases, this data would correspond to a Certification Report bearing the same date and would also be indicated in an entry in the Maintenance Record.

DataMaster Instrument Locations

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