Iowa Department of Public Safety Division of Criminal Investigation



DataMaster Supplies

DataMaster DMT Mouthpieces   (models: 333, 334, or 309)

Additional mouthpieces may also work. The Iowa DCI Laboratory does not endorse any specific mouthpiece supplier. If you are a vendor and wish to have your product added to this list, please contact Jim Bleskacek at

Lexmark Printer Supplies

The printer used at nearly all DataMaster locations is a Lexmark MS431dn Laser Printer. Toner and/or Drum kits are available through local office supply stores, office supply catalogs and the internet. Replacement of these items is the responsibility of the agency. Should the printer completely fail, please contact the DCI laboratory for a replacement.

    55B200E (Standard Capacity)
    55B2H0E (High Capacity)


Ethanol Dry Gas Tanks

Ethanol Dry Gas Tanks can be picked up free of charge at the DCI Laboratory Evidence Room during normal business hours. We are unable to ship tanks via courier due to Haz Mat regulations. Tanks may also be found at several Iowa State Patrol Post Headquarters. Please call ahead first to ensure they have one available. The tanks should be of a concentration of 0.080 g/210 or 208.4 PPM and have a sticker on them indicating “For DataMaster Use Only”. These tanks should not be used for standalone PBT calibrations. Used tanks can be brought back to the lab for proper disposal.

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