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Officer Alcohol Training Status

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Officer training records in the area of Alcohol and Alcohol testing are searchable by name, county or agency. These records indicate Certification on the DataMaster cdm and the DataMaster DMT, training on the TraCS interface with the DataMaster and whether they have watched an online video update regarding urine alcohol collection. These records are updated whenever the DCI is notified that an officer has completed this training. It is possible the officer has completed the training, but the DCI was never notified of their completion of the training.

Individual Law Enforcement departments can use this tool to verify that their officers are up-to-date on alcohol related trainings and attorneys can verify that someone is properly trained/certified to use the DataMaster for evidential purposes.

In the future, it is the goal of the DCI to provide online re-certification for the DataMaster DMT every 3 years. Once in place, officers would review updates regarding the DMT and take an exam and if they pass the exam, their training records would update automatically indicating they are current on their training.

For those officers who have not completed the training in reference to the collection of urine for alcohol testing, please click on the following link and follow the instructions:

After watching the video on how to properly collect a urine sample for the testing of alcohol, please click the link below to complete the training.

If the DCI's records are incomplete or if a discrepancy exists, please contact Garnett Wheeler at the DCI Crime Lab at 515-725-1500 and she will assist in updating our records.

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