Iowa Department of Public Safety Division of Criminal Investigation



Approved PBT Lists


Company Website (if available)

Alco-Sensor III Intoximeters, Inc.
Alco-Sensor IV Intoximeters, Inc.
Alco-Sensor FST Intoximeters, Inc.
Alco-Sensor FST 200K Intoximeters, Inc.
Alert J5 ACS Corp.
Alcotest 6820 Draeger Safety Diagnostics
Intoxilyzer 400/400PA CMI, Inc.
Intoxilyzer 500 CMI, Inc.
Intoxilyzer 600 CMI, Inc.
Intoxilyzer 800 CMI, Inc.
Intoxilyzer S-D5 CMI, Inc.
Intoxilyzer S-D2 CMI, Inc.
Lifeloc FC10/FC10 Plus Lifeloc Technologies, Inc.
Lifeloc FC20/FC20 Plus Lifeloc Technologies, Inc.
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